How Does Savvy Sell Homes?

Our Marketing Program

Our marketing program is proven to save you time on market while netting you the most possible for your home.

Check out Savvy's FAQ for answers to these and other questions.

  • * What is the cost to sell with Savvy?
  • * Is there a catch?
  • * Will my home have an electric key box and sign?
  • * Are there any other fees?
  • * Do you have examples of your photographer's work?
  • * How can you offer all of this for such a low fee?
  • * Are you on all major search engines like Zillow?
  • * How does the buyer's agent get paid?
  • * How many homes have you sold in my area?

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    To start, we evaluate where your home fits in the market and establishing a price range.

  2. 2


    Together, we develop a priority checklist of items to be completed before the stager arrives. Then, the day prior to your photo-shoot a professional stager will address all of the final details.

  3. 3


    Our professional photographer makes your home look amazing. This will be the first showing every buyer sees and will determine if an on-site showing is needed.

  4. 4


    Now your home goes into the MLS and on numerous websites such as other agents and brokers search portals and and major websites such as Zillow,, etc.

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    We use Facebook and other local neighborhood groups as platforms to announce your home is for sale. This allows always you an easy way to share your home with others.

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    We evaluate feedback and make improvements to how your home is positioned in the market until the offers come in. After a contract is secured it's on to closing.


How Much Is Your Home Worth?


Contract to Closing

Savvy Realty has your back from the time you sign the contract with your buyer all the way up to closing. We are proactive in preparing you for what lies ahead so that your closing will be as hassle free as possible. This allows you to focus on other more important matters.

Like moving for example.
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    Review all Terms of Contract. Update your Net Sheet showing you the financial outcome of the contract along with other pertinent terms.

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    Right at the beginning the buyer will order a home inspection and it's very likely that repairs will be requested. We review requests with you and advise on what is reasonable and how to address those items.

  3. 3


    After the repairs are negotiated it's a good idea to start planning your move. Things can still go off-course, but it's VERY unlikely and moves aren't as smooth when planned at the last minute.

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    The paperwork for your closing will be going on at different stages from contract to close. The biggest hurdle outside of the inspection is the appraisal. Once appraisal makes value, most lenders have already completed their work and it's just waiting till closing day. Waiting and Packing.

  5. 5


    Call the utility companies, the post office and pack up the final items. Making sure the home is clean is important as well. We have maid services for this if you need a referral.

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    Sign paperwork, hand over keys, and you will typically receive funds via wire a few hours later. We love reviews and the opportunity to help those you know in their moves.


Experience Counts

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