Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find your question here, please drop us a line and we'll be happy to answer a question you may have. We are transparent and honest so ask us anything.

What is the cost to sell with Savvy?

We are several programs that are designed to net you more money when your home is sold. Contact us to hear about our different services to see which one best suits your needs.

Can you provide a list of homes you have sold?

Yes. We have sold over 1000 homes over the past 20 years. To see these homes, visit our Google Map.

Are you on all major search engine?

Yes. The MLS automatically pushes information on your home to various portals, national franchise sites, local office sites, and individual agent websites. An agent does not directly provide this service (which is a common misconception).

Will my home have an electric key box and sign?

Yes. We provide everything you need to all showings. We also have a scheduling company, Centralized Showing Service, that will notify you via call, email or text when a agent is ready to show your home.

Do you provide full service like a traditional agent?

Absolutely! We charge less than a traditional agent because we cut out the middle man. When you work with us, you work directly with the owner/broker of the company versus working with the agent who also must share the commission with the broker/owner.

Are there any other fees?

Not from us, but there are several settlement costs when selling a home and some of this can depend on the offer received. When we first meet, we provide a transparent and complete net sheet highlighting the all the typical selling costs. Once an offer is received, we revisit this tool to confirm that you are comfortable with the end result.

How do you charge less than other agents?

First we run our business in such a way that allows us to operate with at lower costs. When hiring a traditional agent, part of the commission goes to their brick and mortar location, upper management profit, office salaries and franchise fees. With Savvy we take all of that overhead expense and give it back to you. Secondly, marketing costs are not as high as most consumers are led to believe. Our job is to market and sell your home not waste money advertising about how great we are. Finally, word of mouth advertising is earned not paid for. Check out testimonials from our clients on our Facebook page.

Do I have to pay anything up front?

No. You pay nothing until your home closes and funds.

We also offer a risk free guarantee. We are so confident you will be happy with our service, that if you are disappointed, you can cancel the contract. Some agents will not release you for any reason or they may charge you a cancellation fee. All we will do is ask that you reimburse us the direct fees we paid upfront to list your home.

Is there a catch? Can I contact past clients?

No. But we get this question a lot. We just offer a fair price without any gimmick or catch.

If you have concerns about this, look for reviews on Facebook. The best reviews are from real clients that provide real feedback and are available to contact if you have any questions. Some may encourage you to look for reviews on certain websites however people know posts on these websites may or may not have been a direct consumer and there is no way to verify the information.