Christmas is fast approaching so hopefully, everyone has their tree fully decorated and ready for the big day. The way a tree is decorated can say a lot about a family or about their traditions. Some people do elegant trees, some “charlie brown” trees and maybe some do a themed tree. We have a sentimental tree.

What type of tree do you have?

Every one of the ornaments has a memory or a story. We have the typical souvenirs from trips, homemade items, pictures, and antiques, but we also have what some may consider rather “unique” but they are all special to me. Every year when I decorate I get to relive all those special moments in life and remember wonderful friends & family and I also get to chuckle as I place some of these items on the tree. I may be the only one that hangs a pair of shoelaces from 1986 (seriously, they were in my tennis shoes in high school) but that’s ok with me. Our tree truly reflects our life and reminds me of all our blessings.